“We build bridges between business, academia, governments and civil society”


We strive to make human rights concrete for business and initiate change. With this end in view, we support our clients in embedding human rights due diligence into their business practice – in a step-by-step approach. It is our belief that no business is too small or large to implement meaningful measures fostering responsible business behaviour.

Our experience working in the private sector, solution orientation and our extensive international network including representatives from civil society, government, academia and business are what set us apart. We understand the challenges that arise from the need to embed responsible business conduct into existing processes and from diverging views and interests within companies. We support clients in finding pragmatic yet meaningful and impact-oriented solutions to these challenges and to capitalize on the opportunities that arise from actively addressing human rights topics.

As thought leaders in business and human rights, we align our work with international human rights standards and frameworks and are keeping with the times in order to update our clients on recent developments in this topical field.


Your questions


From our experience working within companies we are familiar with the types of questions that arise when human rights come onto the agenda:


Board Member

“How are human rights issues influencing our business strategy?”


Chief Manufacturing Officer

“How do I find out if workers or communities are harmed in the course of sourcing our raw materials?”


Chief Financial Officer

“How do I respond to increased investor expectations?”


CSR Manager

“Do we know our impacts on rightsholders and how can we manage them?”


Chief Risk Officer

“What are 'salient human rights issues' for our business?”



Chief Communications Manager

“How and what can we communicate to our stakeholders?”


Our network


We draw on specific expertise in our network whenever needed.